Rent a Dumpster Locally

Rent a Dumpster Locally

Schedule dumpster services in the Martinsburg or Hedgesville, WV area

A construction or cleanup project may leave you with a lot more debris than you can transport and dispose of yourself. This is where Rent Me! Roll off Dumpster Rental can assist you.

Our company based in Hedgesville, WV offers dumpster services in surrounding areas, including Martinsburg. You can:

  1. Get the best size dumpster for any project

    • Our 14 year dumpsters are the ideal size for any project
    • Fits in many more places than the larger, more expensive rust-boxes

  2. Clear out up to 6000 lbs of unwanted junk per load

    • More than 1 area to clean up? We can relocate to make your work more efficient

  3. Have full control over your rental period

    • From our basic 3-day rental to 365 days a year
    • Pick up and drop off on YOUR schedule

To schedule affordable dumpster rental services, call 304-278-4090 now. We'll be happy to tell you about our size and rental options.

We'll deliver a clean dumpster to your property

We keep our dumpsters clean and in good condition. You can use the dumpster to remove demolition debris, landscape debris, brush, furniture and other unwanted items. Contact us today to rent an affordable dumpster.