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Removing bulky, heavy items from your building can be a challenge. Even after you've hauled the junk down the hallway and out the door, you still have to find a way to transport and dispose of it. Getting rid of junk doesn't have to be so difficult - you can hire Rent Me! Roll off Dumpster Rental for dumpster rental services. We offer residential and commercial dumpster rental services in the Martinsburg and Hedgesville, WV area.

Is there anything that you can't put in our dumpsters?

There are a few items that our dumpster rental company cannot accept. These are:



Fluorescent light bulbs

Paint and paint cans

Used motor oil and filters

Prescription medications

Do you have questions about items that you need to dispose of? Call 304-278-4090 now to speak with us about our dumpster rental company.


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